Surrounded by Serra do Curral, the city of Belo Horizonte, the capital of the state of Minas Gerais, placed in the southeast region of the country, holds the biggest amount of buildings in Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais. With 2,502,557 inhabitants in an area of approximately 330 km², the city is a place of national influence when it comes to politics and intellectual production. Important aspects of the city are its geography, full of hills and lowlands, and the weather, with dry winters and hot and humid summers.

Even though the city is in a state with a tradition in mining and mineral profiteering, it has also been considered attractive to companies from different areas of expertise, like the ones related to information technology, due to the high quality of manpower provided by UFMG, and to the installation of the Belo Horizonte Technology Park, also known as BH-Tec, an enterprise developed in a collaboration among UFMG, state and city government, Sebrae e Fiemig.

An important aspect of Belo Horizonte’s influence is seen in its architecture. The city is one of the cradles of modern Brazilian architecture, which emerged in the 1940s, with the architectural ensemble of Pampulha, designed by Oscar Niemeyer. The city also houses sets of buildings in neoclassical, neoromantic and neogothic styles.

Belo Horizonte offers opportunities for culture and leisure in several spaces, such as parks, museums and bars.

You can find more information in the city’s website:

Tourist map and events

Check the website for the tourist map of BH, the Tourist Assistance Center (Centro de Atendimento ao Turista) and follow the updated schedule of events.


Stay in tune on how to find lodging in BH by accessing this link.

Public transportation

Move around the city with the help of the official bhtmobile app.

For further information on the public transportation system and which bus routes can take you to UFMG just access the official website of BHTrans, the transport and transit company of Belo Horizonte.


Belo Horizonte houses Carlos Drummond de Andrade – Pampulha Airport and Confins International Airport:

Confins International Airport

Address: Rodovia MG 10, Km39 – Confins – MG – Zip-code: 33.500-900
Distance from downtown Belo Horizonte: 38 km

Pampulha Airport

Serves business and regional aircraft in the state of Minas Gerais
Address: Bagatelle square, 204 – São Luís – BH
Distance from downtown Belo Horizonte: 8 km